Hikvision Launches New Bi-Spectrum Thermal PTZ Surveillance Cameras Leave a comment

Hikvision has launched two new Thermal and Optical Bi-Spectrum PTZ Dome security cameras, the next generation of Hikvision’s award-winning medium resolution thermal with visible imaging PTZ camera.

The new Hikvision thermal and optical bi-spectrum network speed domes, models DS-2TD4136-25 and DS-2TD4136-50, offer several improvements to existing end-of-life models. New features include a 17-micron thermal sensor (from 25 microns), which yields a better field of views for both 25 mm and 50 mm lenses, while simultaneously improving the noise equivalent temperature difference (NETD).

For the visible camera, an upgrade to 2 MP DarkFighter technology with 36 times zoom provides full-colour images down to 0.002 lux.

The camera models also feature improved Smart functions using deep learning algorithms, which improve VCA performance and enable filtering for humans and vehicles to significantly reduce alarm triggering by irrelevant movement in the surroundings, such as animals or other non-human objects.

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